Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery



Damak is the radiance of self-acceptance. The lustre of life-lessons learned with gratitude, joy and humility. In its animated glimmer, it is the blazing dance of self-realisation, of celebrating the return to one’s authentic self. 

Damak simmers and flows over in the grounding warmth of our favourite rituals: those time- honoured rites of passage that guide a little girl with stars in her eyes through to maidenhood, when, slowly, those stars begin to take shape as gems of grace, settling on her ears and her forehead; her neck and her fingers; her wrists and her ankles. 

In true Sunita Shekhawat style, Meenakari celebrates familiar and well-loved shades of royal blue, firoza, or green; but also includes the vivacity and intrigue of black - a colour inclusive of all moods, sentiments and experiences.

The Old Mystique Charm

A narrative woven entirely in colour, where nature, history, art and craft collaborate in sublime confluence, the campaign represents a refreshingly original rethink of traditional Meenakari work.

The extravagance of the jewels is not only a reflection of Sunita Shekhawat’s roots in royalty but also to her quest for work that reflects beauty and dignity. Kundan – Meenakari Jewellery by the very virtue of its design, craftsmanship and rich history, is considered an artifact. The challenge lies in presenting her beauty of the old form, while reinventing the designs for a contemporary age and audience.

Aisle of the Sky

The Subtle elegance and stillness of nature that envelops the regions of Ladakh, have been a source of constant motivation that drives the design essence of the brand.

Just like the Deep blue Lake of Ladakh, the collection has been hand - painted in rich shades of Meenakari further highlighted with decorative pearls and polkis studded in geometric shapes, strengthening the beauty of gold and blending the modern layout with traditional aesthetics and outlook.

Forest Goddess

Personifying the mystic charm of the forest through the bold and appeasing beauty of the modern day woman.

The jewels speak through the realism and innovative use of elements engraved in the collections, that capture woodland tones alongside the palettes of vibrant plants. The philosophy behind the Sunita Shekhawat Woman resonates with the Forest Goddess - bold, affectionate, and fearless. Let the jewel adorn you, not overpower you.

The Water Maiden

The Water Maiden, the way Ocean glistens to the rays of the sun and the fresh aquamarine hues of the marine bodies is quite similar to the exuberant gleam of the diamond and polkis used at the ateliers of Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur.

Comprising of both, the beauty of nature and our timeless masterpieces based on the traditional art of Meenakari, with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic and design philosophy. Sunita Shekhawat Jewels, family heirlooms to be passed on through generations, set in gold and bejeweled with uncut diamonds and polkis for any bridal attire.

Solah Shringar

A series of strikingly simple and cherished ensemble. A source of inspiration and solace to the wearer and the beholder.A perfect example of the unbroken continuity in styles in the Indian Jewellery tradition.

The collection is harmoniously juxtaposed to complete a perfectly balanced look, almost similar to a celestial garden with flowers of every hue. We believe in the value of versatility, featuring the traditional collection, enameled with polki, reflects the lavish splendor of accoutrements, a part of the Solah Shringar.