This 8th of March, we’re thinking about how women are strongest, most graceful and most beautiful, when they’re immersed in purposeful creation. The story of our own brand can trace its roots to the visions and efforts of one woman, who started small - and with simplicity - from her home. 

This narrative has its share of  delicate moments, where one woman trying to orchestrate everything may have been completely engulfed by the  intensity of her emotions, and her desire to make her visions real, tangible, unforgettable 

On the face of it, it’s easy  to describe these as the ‘vulnerable phases,’ but we wish for everyone to think differently about them. We wish to unravel their true value, because it’s  precisely in these phases, of deep connection with instinctive emotions and visions, that a woman finds out how indisputable her gifts of creation and re-creation are.

Why do women feel so deeply?

Our ancient scriptures  put women on a high pedestal, because they represent the powerful essence of the Divine Feminine - highly intuitive, an abundant source of healing, nurturing energies. In Her most exalted state, She’s able to infuse an empowering sense of purpose into the more ‘logical,’ ‘action-oriented’ and ‘direct’ essence of the Masculine.

And, this is why women feel deeply. When they create and nurture, they attempt to do so with perfection, with unconditional love; and in a way that enables their creation to sustain itself. After all, we do say ‘Mother’ Nature, for a reason! 

It comes naturally to women to express themselves emotionally, because this is the source of their ‘being’-ness. 

The primal ability of women as ‘gatherers,’ as organisers of a safe haven filled with resources for sustenance and vitality, stems from a natural gift for protective empathy and compassion.  To cut this connection between their internal gift and outward competence, is to shake their existential foundation.  Women will then ‘flounder,’ not because their emotional display has rendered them vulnerable, but because they’ve been made to feel that there is no truth, or merit in using emotions as a means of communication.

However, there’s a silver lining. Women who use the depths of their emotions and intuitions to reveal the lens through which they view the world, are supported and applauded in various walks of life. It’s most reassuring that the support comes not just from other women, but men as well. In an existence driven by dualities - night and day, dark and light, separation and union, and so on - it’s absolutely imperative that femininity and masculinity also play to each other’s strengths, giving each other the respectful space to align themselves with their full potential, and soul-purpose.

Vulnerability, an art, a weapon!

If we think about it, vulnerability is an extension of  ‘being’-ness, the natural outcome of women having expended their forces in creating a thing of marvellous beauty. It’s that state, or phase in time, when they need the freedom, space, and support to simply replenish their reserves. It’s why women need - even crave - ‘me-time,’ or feel ‘out of it’ when they don’t get that time.  In the privacy, and sometimes silence of this vulnerable, self-replenishing state of being, women often sow the seeds of brilliant self-improvement and transformation. 

So, for them, to be vulnerable is simply to take the necessary time out, to rejuvenate, and prepare for escalated levels of power! Every woman has her own ways of working towards this, based on her personality, lifestyle, resources, and environment. 

Again, if we think about it, everytime women have ‘picked themselves up,’ and ‘made a fresh start’ after an intense emotional upheaval, they’ve immersed themselves in endeavours that not only do them good, but also inspire others around them. It simply ties back to their primal conditioning, to the need and desire to care for others, and help them fulfil their potential in any way possible.

There’s no dearth of stories around the world, in the present time, or in history, when a woman as a formidable force of change has challenged the status quo, invented something useful, or pulled a person or group of people out of darkness. This strength is so fearless and loving, that it’s easy to forget how and when they decided to take that first step towards a better future themselves. 

It’s very simple. Women are most influential, when they successfully  strike an emotional chord with others, because emotions are their strengths. They guide others and show them how to be unafraid of the ‘low phases,’  by teaching them how to use vulnerability for vitality!